F.C. (patient)

Chronic Shoulder pain had plagued me for over 5 years. I had two surgeries, PRP, dry needling, Graston, cortisone... you name it. I had tried everything with almost zero relief. I was then referred to Dr. Barr and after my first treatment had so much relief that I refused to believe it was permanent, it couldn't have been that simple. The solution? Addressing the scar tissue via mannitol injections. I did not want to believe that years of pain had been from a few minor incisions from an old surgery years prior. I was convinced the problem had to be much broader, but I was wrong. Dr. Barr's pinpoint accuracy (using ultrasound guided PRP injections-rather than the blind injections I received from a prior doctor), along with her aggressive macro level approach to treating the entire shoulder, and not just one particular part, turned back the clock and truly FIXED my shoulder. I have since returned to all of the very physical activities I had loved doing,  pain free. If anyone out there has tried "everything" like I had, they owe it to themselves to pick up the phone and make the appointment.

F. C. (patient)