Offering Cutting Edge Healing Therapies Without Surgery

Offering Cutting Edge Healing Therapies
Without Surgery

Explore your options to find relief through biologic self-healing therapies.  

NEW in Hampton Roads: Putting to work a concentration of your OWN stem cells
At the Regenerative Medicine Center of APM Spine and Sports Physicians', in our continuous quest to provide our patients and community with access to the finest, most cutting edge, care, we are now offering some new options to facilitate "biologic healing." Biologic healing, or what is more commonly referred to as Regenerative Medicine, describes a process by which we assist the body to heal itself using as few pharmaceuticals as possible. We have been providing this service since 1992, when we introduced Prolotherapy to our patients. Then, just over ten years ago, we brought PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injection therapy to the area. For the last 10 years, we have gained a lot of experience using Prolotherapy and PRP to promote healing of injured and inflamed tissues that frequently cause pain and limit function.

The most interesting tool today in regenerative medicine is the use of the body’s own stem cells. We have a process where we are able to provide a concentrate of someone's own existing stem cell reserves (as opposed to culturing stem cells, which is not permitted by the FDA) and use them as an investigational treatment for a variety of joint and spinal conditions. This new era of regenerative medicine is not limited to healing the musculoskeletal system. Research is being done all over the world to leverage this basic concept to heal the heart, lungs, liver and spinal cord, to name a few. It appears the new cutting edge healthcare mantra will be to find ways to treat disease using the body's own resources, thereby reducing the need to become dependent on pharmaceuticals and unnecessary surgery. We at the Regenerative Medicine Center of APM Spine and Sports are very excited to bring these promising new therapies to Hampton Roads.