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NEW in Hampton Roads: Putting to work a concentration of your OWN stem cells
At the Regenerative Medicine Center of APM Spine and Sports Physicians', in our continuous quest to provide our patients and community with access to the finest, most cutting edge, care, we are now offering some new options to facilitate "biologic healing." Biologic healing, or what is more commonly referred to as Regenerative Medicine, describes a process by which we assist the body to heal itself using as few pharmaceuticals as possible. We have been providing this service since 1992, when we introduced Prolotherapy to our patients. Then, just over ten years ago, we brought PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injection therapy to the area. For the last 10 years, we have gained a lot of experience using Prolotherapy and PRP to promote healing of injured and inflamed tissues that frequently cause pain and limit function.


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Chronic Shoulder pain had plagued me for over 5 years. I had two surgeries, PRP, dry needling, Graston, cortisone... you name it. I had tried everything with almost zero relief. I was then referred to Dr. Barr and after my first treatment had so much relief that I refused to believe it was permanent, it couldn't have been that simple. The solution? Addressing the scar tissue via mannitol injections. I did not want to believe that years of pain had been from a few minor incisions from an old surgery years prior. I was convinced the problem had to be much broader, but I was wrong. Dr. Barr's pinpoint accuracy (using ultrasound guided PRP injections-rather than the blind injections I received from a prior doctor), along with her aggressive macro level approach to treating the entire shoulder, and not just one particular part, turned back the clock and truly FIXED my shoulder. I have since returned to all of the very physical activities I had loved doing,  pain free. If anyone out there has tried "everything" like I had, they owe it to themselves to pick up the phone and make the appointment.

F. C. (patient)

I broke my spine in 2004. Since then I continued with PT and have had different spinal blocks and have had prolo-therapy twice before. Now in 2012 I was in a lot of pain with my SI joints, so Dr. Barr again recommended prolo. Discouraged, I agreed. Wow, after 3 sessions I am pain-free with little aches due to weather changes. First time in years, I’m pain free and happy.

J. D. (Patient)

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