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NEW in Hampton Roads: Putting to work a concentration of your OWN stem cells
At the Regenerative Medicine Center of APM Spine and Sports Physicians', in our continuous quest to provide our patients and community with access to the finest, most cutting edge, care, we are now offering some new options to facilitate "biologic healing." Biologic healing, or what is more commonly referred to as Regenerative Medicine, describes a process by which we assist the body to heal itself using as few pharmaceuticals as possible. We have been providing this service since 1992, when we introduced Prolotherapy to our patients. Then, just over ten years ago, we brought PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injection therapy to the area. For the last 10 years, we have gained a lot of experience using Prolotherapy and PRP to promote healing of injured and inflamed tissues that frequently cause pain and limit function.


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Dr. Levi got rid of my hip pain-which I had for 4 years!  I had seen 2 other doctors.  First we tried a steroid injection into my bursitis.  The pain came back 4 months later.  Dr Levi did PRP on my hip tendon and now the pain has been gone for 2 years!


I began treating with Dr. Horn for pain in my lower back and hips. The diagnosis took a bit of time for us to figure out but when he was able to pinpoint the injury, his recommended course of treatment was conservatively aggressive to help get me back to a point where I could sit without much discomfort. At first we tried conventional modalities for treatment including Physical Therapy and injections. As these treatments began to have minimal improvements, Dr. Horn recommended PRP. He walked me through how the PRP works and suggested I do some research to see if I was willing to try this modality of treatment. As we discussed the treatment, Dr. Horn was very clear on the fact that this may take multiple treatments. I asked, "What is multiple?" He said, "At least two–maybe three or four." After the first treatment, I thought, "Why would I put myself through that again?" Then I began to see the improvements as time went on and I continued with therapy. Then came a second plateau and we tried many other alternatives. I agreed to a second round of PRP and the improvement I had was remarkable! It has been well over a year and I continue to see improvements in my hips, which I believe are fundamentally due to the PRP and Physical Therapy combination. The physical therapy was only going to get my so far and the PRP has pushed my healing well over to the top.

Thank you, Dr. Horn for taking the time to explain the PRP treatment, advantages and disadvantages, and most importantly for thinking outside the traditional treatment modalities to help push my healing process.


M.B. (Patient)

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